What is Coliquidity?

Coliquidity is a new way to trade crypto:

  • More profitable than buying tokens (proof).
  • Less risky than providing liquidity (proof).

Normally you need to deposit two tokens into the liquidity pool to earn liquidity provider fees. However, Coliquidity allows you to deposit only one token. You don’t need to buy the other token at all. Coliquidity will match your deposit with someone else’s deposit for another token.


  • You get liquidity provider fees
  • You get liquidity mining bonuses (if they are provided by the project)
  • You don’t pay the trading fees (you earn them instead)
  • You don’t lose on slippage.


  • You may need to wait for a matching deposit.

Technical description: Coliquidity is a smart contract that combines 2 tokens from 2 providers to create a new pool or deposit into an existing pool on Uniswap / PancakeSwap / any exchange.