Rewards Program Teams

  • Team leaders can get +30% bonus on the total team's payout (see below).
  • Team members can get the questions answered by the team leader (see below).

For team leaders

  • You can get +30% bonus of your whole team's payout by creating a team.
  • You can create a team with your followers on social media, or with your friends from a chat group.
  • All bonuses are paid in addition to normal payout.
  • There's no minimum requirement - you can create or join the team with any amount of COLI.

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For team members

  • The team leader will answer the questions on your behalf. You save time and get a more predictable payout (remember: correct answers are needed to receive the reward each week).

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How much can I earn as a team leader?

It is very profitable to be a team leader. See the calculation:

  • You invest $500.
  • You attract 2 team members who invest $5000 each ($10000 total).
  • You get $35 weekly ($30 from your team deposit + $5 from your own deposit).
  • $35 weekly = $1820 in a year.

If $COLI price doubles, you get double reward (see why).

You can also sell $COLI later.

How can I create a team?

Just ask other people to join your team by giving them your publicly available wallet address. You can use an existing address or create a new one.

Your public wallet address is your team ID. So technically, you already have a team. However, only teams with 3+ members qualify for bonuses - that's why you should team up with your followers.

How can I join a team?

  • Open our app (under construction)
  • Enter team leader's address
  • Confirm the transaction

This transaction doesn't send any money - it only confirms your team membership.

Can I change the team?


Can I create a team with only myself?

No, every team needs at least 3 members (you + 2 additional members).

We will disqualify people for creating fake teams.

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