Rewards Program FAQ

How much exactly can I get?

  • You can get 1% weekly (67% APY) on your COLI deposit in BUSD.
  • Exact formula: PriceOfColi * AmountOfColi * 1%
  • Example:
    • You invest $2000 to buy 1000000 COLI at $0.0020.
    • COLI price goes 2x up to $0.0040.
    • Your deposit value increases to $4000.
    • You get paid $4000 * 1% = $40 in one week.

How can I get the rewards?

If you don't want to answer the questions, you can join the team, and the team leader will do it for you.

When can I get the rewards?

Every week on Tuesday at 10:00 UTC.

How can I withdraw the rewards?

You will receive the rewards automatically. We will send them to the same wallet address that you used to deposit $COLI (on Binance Smart Chain).

If I buy COLI now, when do I get the rewards?

You will get the rewards at the next distribution date + every week afterwards.

For the first week, you will get rewards proportionally to the deposit active time.

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What currency will I receive?

You will receive Binance USD stablecoin (BUSD) (learn more).

What blockchain will the program work on?

Binance Smart Chain.

We'll consider adding other blockchains.

How do you calculate the COLI price?

COLI price = average of "weekly average prices of all COLI liquidity pools".

What questions should I answer?

The questions will be about Coliquidity (our product). We will prepare 3-5 new questions every week. The questions form will be protected by a CAPTCHA to stop the bots.

If you don't want to answer the questions, you can join the team, and the team leader will do it for you.

Will I get the reward if I answer some questions incorrectly?


How will you pay the rewards?

We'll use our marketing budget and the "Rewards" allocation according to the tokenomics.

How long will you run the rewards program?

We plan to run the rewards program indefinitely, while it continues to attract new users for Coliquidity (our product).

How can I buy the COLI token?

You can buy directly on Uniswap or PancakeSwap. The links for buying are available below. When you open the link, you should agree to import the COLI token address (done automatically on the page for buying):

Can I sell the COLI token later?


Why are you doing this?

We want to attract users for Coliquidity (our product). To attract users, we are giving rewards. Also, we educate users about Coliquidity by requiring them to answer questions about our product to receive the rewards.

I have another question

Please send it to our Telegram group.

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