Can you show by example how to make money using Coliquidity?

Specific example for $TAUR token

Short version:

  1. Deposit BUSD.
  2. Wait until TAUR goes up.
  3. Withdraw more BUSD (trend profit + liquidity provider fees)

Detailed instruction:

  1. Open deposit page for $TAUR token: click here.
  2. Input “Amount to deposit” (how much BUSD you want to provide).
  3. Click “Deposit”.
  4. Confirm transactions.
  5. Wait until $TAUR goes up.
  6. Open withdraw page for $TAUR token: click here.
  7. Find your position.
  8. Click “Withdraw”.
  9. Confirm transactions.
  10. Celebrate! You have withdrawn more BUSD than you deposited.

General example for any token

  1. Find a token that is going up.
  2. Ensure that this token has already been deposited into the Coliquidity smart contract by the project team.
    • If not: you can ask the project team to do it (send them a link to this FAQ).
  3. Open the Coliquidity app using the link provided by the project team (should contain the preset for their token).
  4. Fill the form to deposit liquidity.
  5. Wait until the token goes up.
  6. Open the Coliquidity app to withdraw liquidity.
  7. Fill the form to withdraw liquidity.
  8. Celebrate! You have withdrawn more money than you deposited.