COLI token

COLI token is the primary token of the Coliquidity project. It has the following utilities:

  • Burning - 50% of the fees are used to buy & burn the COLI token - permanent supply reduction!
  • Staking - see Rewards Program
  • Governance - Change fee structure & other contract parameters.

How to buy COLI token?

COLI token addresses

  • COLI on ETH: 0xd49EFA7BC0D339D74f487959C573d518BA3F8437
  • COLI on BSC: 0x3470C81026C8085b7B743695f851353043Ff0d0D
  • COLI-WETH Uniswap V2 Pool on ETH (trade here): 0x5ecdc0d5d89fa727612d271bc040043120381757
  • COLI-BUSD PancakeSwap Pool on BSC (trade here): 0x7cc6bad190dc8a4fb9029603e4e7fe9805aa0e1e

How can I bridge the COLI token from ETH to BSC?


What happened with the old SHLD token?

We just renamed SHLD to COLI at the same token address. Technically it's the same token, just with a different name. We've kept all the balances as-is.